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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The average person has 32 teeth by age 18. However, in today’s world, most people do not have enough room for all 32 teeth. On average, our mouths can accommodate up to 28 teeth. If you do not have enough room in your mouth for your third molars, otherwise known as wisdom teeth, to fully erupt, several problems can happen.  Impacted wisdom teeth should be removed before their root structure is fully developed. In some patients it is as early as 12 or 13, and in others it may not be until the early 20s. Problems tend to occur with increasing frequency after the age of 30.

Some of the possible problems related to not removing your wisdom teeth may include:


The most frequent clinical problem we see is pericoronitis, (a localized gum infection). If the wisdom tooth cannot fully erupt, the gum tissue around the wisdom tooth can become irritated and infected, resulting in recurrent pain, swelling, and problems with chewing and/or swallowing.

Cyst Formation

Non-infectious diseases may also arise in association with an impacted wisdom tooth. Cysts are fluid-filled “balloons” inside the jaw bone that develop as a result of impacted teeth and slowly expand destroying the surrounding jaw bone and occasionally teeth. They can be very difficult to treat if your wisdom teeth are not removed in your teenage years. Although rare, tumors can be associated with the delayed removal of wisdom teeth.

Possible Crowding

Impacted wisdom teeth may contribute to crowding of your teeth. This is most noticeable with the front teeth, more notably the lower front teeth and is most commonly seen after a patient has had braces. There are a number of factors that cause teeth to crowd after braces or in early adulthood. Impacted wisdom teeth may be a contributing factor.

Damage to Neighboring Teeth

If there is not enough room to clean around the wisdom tooth, the tooth directly in front, the second molar, can be adversely affected resulting in gum disease, bone loss around the tooth, and/or decay.

Most people prefer to be unaware of the experience when they have their wisdom teeth removed and usually decide to be sedated. You will be provided with appropriate anesthesia options at your consultation. All surgery procedures are performed under appropriate anesthesia to maximize your comfort. Our office staff has the training, licensing, and experience to provide the various types of anesthesia. These services are provided in an environment of optimum safety, utilizing modern monitoring equipment and a well-trained experienced staff.

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