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Dental Emergencies


If you are having tooth pain, please contact our office immediately! Sometimes, patients try to “wait it out,” hoping that their toothache subsides, but end up spending more money and time in pain as a result. Give us a call at your first sign of discomfort to help avoid costly complications and future problems.

Swelling or Abscess

If your gums are hurting, begin to swell, or if you notice a small bump on your gums, these could be signs of an abscess (infection). It is very important to address this immediately to help prevent the infection from getting worse.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

If you chip or break your tooth, it is crucial for you to get into the office right away. Once a tooth is broken, it becomes highly susceptible to breaking again, which can create more added cost and discomfort.

Lost Filling or Crown

When you lose a filling or crown, the first thing you should do is put it in a safe place. If it isn’t broken, it may be salvageable, and this could save you some time and money when you go in to have it fixed and replaced. You can also use dental adhesive (available at your local pharmacy) as a temporary solution to place your crown back on. Don’t forget to bring your lost filling or crown to your appointment!

Knocked Out Tooth

It is critical to get to the dentist in a timely manner (within 60 minutes) the moment a tooth is knocked out or becomes loosened. This can make all the difference between saving or losing your tooth.

Never touch the tooth by the root. The root contains important fibers that are necessary for proper healing. Handle the tooth by the chewing surface area.

If the tooth is visibly soiled, rinse briefly with tap water. Do not scrub the tooth and place it in a container with milk.

Bruised Lip or Tongue

Small nicks are likely to heal themselves, but if you have a large cut or excessive bleeding go to the emergency room as soon as possible. Applying a cold compress and warm salt-water rinses can help speed up the healing time.